Project's Outputs


  • IO1: RESEARCH ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP SKILLS AVAILABILITY OF YOUNG ATHLETES IO1 is a Research on Entrepreneurship Skills Availability of Young Athletes to investigate the state of the art of entrepreneurial skills and competencies of young athletes in the European context and as well as in each country involved. Each partner will create a report on the data collected and analyzed at the national level. The researchers will investigate the European situation and then analyze the reports and elaborate a final document. 
  • IO2: METHODOLOGY GUIDE OF CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND PSYCHOMETRIC METHODS IO2 is an IO2 Methodology Guide of Career Development and Psychometric Methods and it will be developed in order to be used to assess and evaluate the potential of young athletes to get involved in entrepreneurship as a career. In other words, it will be developed a Methodology Guide which will provide to trainers, coaches, educators, and other individuals working in the sports field with the necessary methods and tools to go forward with career testing processes with young athletes in order to identify their propensity for entrepreneurship and to go even further in recognizing at what field they would be able to create a career depending on their interests. 
  • IO3: ELISA SPORT SERIOUS PLAY LEARNING METHOD: E – GAME FOR VIABLE BUSINESS MODELS ADDRESSING CHALLENGES BASED ON ATHLETES DUAL CAREER IO3 ELISA Sport Serious Play Learning Method: E – Game for viable business models addressing challenges based on athletes dual-career aim is to create an innovative online educational game (Serious Game) in order to advance entrepreneurial skills, promote and motivate in a playful manner the participants for developing their knowledge, skills, and competences on how to incorporate entrepreneurship in their dual career, achieving the greatest positive impact, through the use of ICT game-based environment. It will give the opportunity to present multimedia content, simulate processes, and structured stories/scenarios (elaborated content appropriate for the game formats and mechanics, mainly contributed by the IO2), concerning young athletes’ entrepreneurial careers. 
  • IO4: ELISA PILOT TRAINING PROGRAMMES IO4 ELISA Pilot Training Programmes have been planned to test the IO3 ELISA Sport Serious Play E – Games. The main objective of IO4 is to provide data about the feasibility of the IO3 before it is implemented on a large scale, as well as to be the vehicle to the capacity-building process of coaches, educators, trainers, and professionals working with young athletes. It is linked to the implementation of the Multiplier Events 8 to 14 which have the form of a Workshop. 
  • IO5: CAPITALISATION IO5 Capitalization objective is to ensure that the project results and outputs are sustainable once the project has ended. To achieve this the partners will be preparing both a practical capitalization plan, setting out the essential tasks needed to influence decision-makers, experts, and other target groups – together with a sustainability plan of the project’s deliverables, results, and outputs. 

Elisa Game Entrepreneurial Quest

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