Project's Objectives


Objective 1: Empowering Young Athletes:
-Inspire and empower young athletes to actively engage with entrepreneurship during and after their sporting careers.
-Encourage athletes to take control of their professional development and pursue entrepreneurial ventures aligned with their aspirations.

Objective 2: Enhancing Entrepreneurial Skills:
-Develop and enhance the entrepreneurial skills and competencies of young athletes.
-Provide training for coaches, educators, and sports professionals to support athletes in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Objective 3: Facilitating Dual Careers:
-Address the challenges of balancing athletic and employment responsibilities by facilitating the dual career of athletes.
-Offer training programs to young athletes, equipping them with skills that enhance flexibility in employment.

Objective 4: Guiding Career Development:
-Create a Methodology Guide to assist trainers, coaches, and educators in assessing the entrepreneurial potential of young athletes.
-Guide athletes towards suitable career paths based on their interests and aptitudes.

Objective 5: Innovative Learning Through Serious Play:
-Develop an innovative online educational game (Serious Game) to make learning about entrepreneurship engaging and enjoyable for young athletes.
-Utilize ICT game-based environments to simulate real-world challenges and encourage problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Objective 6: Research on Entrepreneurship Skills:
-Conduct a comprehensive research study on the availability of entrepreneurship skills among young athletes in the European context.
-Provide insights into the state of entrepreneurial skills at both national and European levels.

Objective 7: Testing and Piloting:
-Implement pilot training programs to test the effectiveness of the developed Serious Play Learning Method.
-Collect data to assess the feasibility and impact of the training programs before wider implementation.

Objective 8: Capitalization and Sustainability:
-Develop a practical capitalization plan to influence decision-makers and ensure the sustainability of project outcomes.
-Prepare a sustainability plan for the continued impact and relevance of the project’s deliverables beyond its completion.

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