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About ELISA project

The project seeks to enhance capacity building of young athletes and those working with them (coaches, educators, sports associations, and clubs) in entrepreneurial skills to ease the dual-career most young athletes follow as according to the EU Guidelines on Dual Career of Athletes, being an athlete and an employee at the same time is a challenge.


Our project proposes the training of young athletes in entrepreneurial learning skills development to create the needed flexibility in employment, which is essential to combining their sport and employment life and achieving the right balance. 

Entrepreneurship is what people do to take their careers and dreams into their hands and lead it in the direction of their own choice; training athletes to develop their entrepreneurial skills will help them embark on a journey determined to bring their vision to fruition. Target groups are young athletes, educators, coaches, sports clubs & associations, staff & professionals in the sport. Building capacities of our target groups on entrepreneurial learning to support young athletes’ careers as entrepreneurs is addressing the need to facilitate dual career of athletes and provide the needed flexibility into their employment, so we see a decrease in withdrawing rates from sports.


Project products are A Research on Entrepreneurship Skills Availability of young athletes, A Methodology Guide of Career Development and Psychometric Methods, E–Game for viable business models addressing challenges based on athletes dual career, a Course curriculum/Pilot Course Module, e. Info days & Workshops, f. Capitalization activities, g.Final Conference.

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